Classic Guestbook made with Flash and ASP/PHP


This article demonstrates how to create a classic guest book made with Flash and either ASP or PHP (the source code for both of these are included). The data is saved and retrieved through PHP/ASP and displayed in Flash movie in HTML format.

Creating the Flash Movie

Start a new flash movie. Insert a new Dynamic text box and give it name txtmain and don't forget to check the HTML option. Insert a dynamic text fields status which will be used for displaying messages. Insert a new layer, name it action and place following code in action window.

lowlimit = 0;
highlimit = 10;
loadVariablesNum ("guestbook.php?lowlimit="+lowlimit+"&highlimit="+highlimit, 0);

lowlimit and highlimit are the flash variables that would be send to PHP script. First time data range from record 1 to record 10 will be displayed in HTML enabled text box.

Insert two new button instances for up and down scrolling

For Up Button
on (release) {

For Down Button
on (release) {

Above code is self-explanatory.

I am not giving details for SCROLLING the movie. I will add a new tutorial in the flash section.

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