ADO and Unicode


  • The session.codepage must be set to 65501. This session codepage is support only in Internet Information Server 5.0 (IIS 5.0).
  • Retrieval of unicode values must be done through a stored procedure, get_unicode.
  • Optional: You can specify a font family. The font family must support Unicode code points. Here's one font that will work: style="font-family: arial unicode ms"

   Dim cnn, rstUnicode,strSQL,cmd
   Dim sCriteria
   Dim sUnicode_Number
   Dim sCode_Point
   Dim sUnicode_Code_Points
   Dim sOutput

   Response.Buffer = True

   Set cnn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
   cnn.Open "your_dsn", "user_name", "password"

   set rstUnicode=nothing

   if len(sUnicode_Number)>0 or len(sCode_Point)>0 then

       set cmd=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
       'Unicode Value
       cmd.Parameters.append cmd.CreateParameter("@p_unicode_number",adVarChar,adParamInput,50,sUnicode_Number)
       'Unicode Code Point
       cmd.Parameters.append cmd.CreateParameter("@p_code_point",adVarWChar,adParamInput,200,sCode_Point)
       cmd.Parameters.append cmd.CreateParameter("@p_output_code_point",adVarWChar,adParamOutput,200,"")


       if sUnicode_Code_Points="" then
           Response.Write "No Records Found"
       end if
   end if

       <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; CHARSET=utf-8">
       Unicode Submission Test - Database


   <TR BGCOLOR="lemonchiffon"><TH>Code</TH><TH>Display</TH><TH>Notes</TH></TR>
       <TD>You submitted <B><%=Len(sUnicode_Code_Points)%></B> characters.</TD>
       <TD>Length of code point submitted</TD>
       strSQL="select length(code_point) field_length from unicode_test where unicode='"&sUnicode_Number&"'"
       set rstUnicode= cnn.Execute(strSQL)
       if not rstUnicode.eof then
           <TD>Unicode Code Point Length in Database</TD>

       end if
       <TD>Unicode Code Points - Rendered by the Browser</TD>

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