XSD Schemas for VB Developers


In this brief introduction to XSD, you’ve seen how you can make a Visual Basic class to an XSD schema and how to use that schema with MSXML 4.0 to validate documents. You also learned the relation between XSD and XML namespaces and how namespaces can be used to combine elements from different schemas in one XML document.

This tutorial barely scratches the surface of what you can do with XSD schemas. There are many more features and details you might be interested in (or might not care about). Once you are comfortable with the concepts explained in this tutorial, check out the XML Schema Primer (part of the XSD specification) which goes into a lot more details about XSD with many examples.

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Yasser started programming at the age of 12 when he wrote his first text-based game on a Commodore PET. He's since moved to IBM mainframes then to Microsoft technologies and has worked as System...

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