Eocene: An OO Web Development Framework


As my site, based on MIVA/XBase, started experiencing storage and performance problems, I decided to switch to PHP/MySql. I wanted to rewrite the Web application using a simple and “easy to use” Web development framework that:

  1. uses pure Object Oriented methodology,
  2. eliminates global variables,
  3. eliminates the use of “freestanding” codes (codes that are outside any classes or functions) and uses only classes,
  4. is capable of incorporating any open source classes,
  5. is based on html templates for separating the views from the rest of the application,
  6. uses a simple, flexible, fast, and powerful templating system,
  7. uses text-based application configurations, instead of, code-based configurations where configuration variables are defined in setting files,
  8. provides flexibility in folder organizations depending on application requirements, and
  9. leads to application development based on the Front Controller design pattern and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.

After searching the Web, I did not find any simple and “easy to use” framework that met all or most of my criteria outlined above. Hence, I developed the Eocene framework using PHP for foundation classes and xml-based text files for application configurations.

It is a simple framework that can be used to solve a large number of Web development projects. Due to its flexible and modular design, it can also be extended to solve complex projects.  In this short article I introduce the Eocene framework and its salient features. All the codes are available for download from the Eocene Web site for free and the framework can be used for any purpose without a fee. The download also includes a manual detailing the framework and its uses with examples. I would like other developers to use and/or review the framework and provide their opinions about its pros and cons.

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