Custom ASP.NET Datagrid Paging With Exact Count


Anybody in the DB world knows what paging database results is and its effect. From the time I had started getting into good old classic ASP, I was intrigued with the ability to divide large sets of data into sections of x records per page. One thing that I didn't like about paging is that it seemed sites incorporated just a < Prev and Next > link on the search results page. I wasn't satisfied with such a lackluster paging technique, and from there I searched high and low on every ASP Web site I could find to see if there was code to show more advanced paging options, such as how many pages were remaining to be paged through, or, if the next page was the last page of results, how many records were on that last page. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any such code, so I had set out to do it myself. (To see the proposed paging enhancements I like, check out the live demo for this article...)

I have since coded a number of techniques for advanced paging in classic ASP, but my latest challenge has been to incorporate the same paging techniques in ASP.NET! (For more information on ASP.NET, be sure to visit the ASP.NET Article Index.) Pssst, don't ask me to talk about redoing my app in Beta 1, and upon upgrading to Beta 2 was horrified that my code needed to be redone.... by the way, the code in this article is all Beta 2 compliant.

Now, if anyone has looked into the Microsoft .NET SDK and Quickstart samples you will find custom paging samples, but it's the usual next and prev stuff. Now let's see how we can kick this paging up a notch and tell us more detail about our data output.

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