Make your Classic ASP code work like in ASP.NET



With the Classic ASP Framework you will be able to structure your ASP pages in the the same way you would do it using ASP.NET. The Framework is 100% event driven and includes most of the controls found in ASP.NET such as the TextBox, Label, GenericHTML, DropDown, CheckBox, CheckBoxList, RadioButtonList,DataRepeater, DataList, DataTable and MORE!


So, why did I take the time to do this, you may ask?, specially when ASP.NET is so great and does everything you need. Well, the main reason is because I work as a consultant and there are still quite a bit of ASP websites around that require maintenance and support. After I learned .NET I felt in love with it and I did not want to code in any other way anymore. So I decided to take the most important pieces of it and create a simmilar one on Classic ASP.
The main benefits are:
  • Coding takes a lot less time, is more readable and easier to maintain.
  • Event driven model.
  • Simplifies the migration to ASP.NET.

You can access the GotDotNet Project Workspace here

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