A Preview of Active Server Pages+

A Preview of Active Server Pages+
Alex Homer, David Sussman, Richard Anderson, Robert Howard
01 Jul 2000
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Microsoft's new Active Server Pages+ (ASP+) standard promises a lot more for Web developers who work on the Windows platform. <I>A Preview of Active Server Pages+</I> surveys the new features and APIs that you'll need to know to develop effectively with ASP+. Stressing practical e-commerce examples, this book will be a welcome resource to anyone who programs in ASP already and wants a look at what's next from Microsoft.<p> This text gives you an excellent comparison of the old ASP with the

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Customer Reviews

James Shaw said
I enjoyed getting this book so early on in the .NET beta. Obviously superceded now, and full of repetitive sections, but with no competition it was a winner! ;-)

Winston Harrington said
There will be several more changes to the .NET framework. Notice how I said .NET and not ASP+.... It is no longer called that. The examples are okay but the explanations are not that great and lacks the typical reader involvement that I have grown to love from the WROX family. This is my first disappointing review for WROX and hope it's my last. Save your money for BizTalk or Commerce Server books until this is a fully baked language and framework.

phoget said
According to Ch. 9 all session variables are there for, is to write debug pages. Whoa! that's VERY interesting, however I would have thought that, just maybe, there is more to that than what this book offers, not. A very disappointing manual as a whole, and particurlarly annoying when one realises than the only reason this book is as thick as it is, is due not to content, but use of large fonts and continual repetitions. Not to be recommended.

This is a great book (as to be expected from Alex Homer) for beginning to understand .Net and ASP+. It doesn't go into the .Net framework in too much detail but explains how ASP has progressed to ASP+ and ADO to ADO+. A must read for any ASP devloper who wants to move to .Net

YB said
Although I am a little late I'd like to add my review for those of you who are planning to purchase this book. I think it is a nice pioneering review for ASP+. (ASP.NET). A lot has been said about .NET, the only thing I'd like to add that this book was probably the first one to be published about the .NET platform even before the name was .NET. So the info in the book is still relevant but the names have changed a little bit. If you are interested in learning the .NET platform get a more recent source other wise to learn ASP.NET I believe it is a good choice. I'll give it 5 points mainly because the examples are written in c# which is a nice change. If you'd prefer VB there are still enough examples.

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