Web Programming Unleashed

Web Programming Unleashed
Robert F. Breedlove
01 Nov 1996
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This comprehensive tome explores all aspects of the latest technology craze-Internet programming. Programmers will turn to the proven expertise of the Unleashed series for accurate, day-and-date in...

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Customer Reviews

Anonymous said
GOOD starting point, helped me understanding all the different technologies, tools available.

Anonymous said
This book really doesn't give you imformation about any kind of web programming. It barely skims the surface of all the languages or scripting languages the book says it covers. A real waste of time.

I've read a lot of books on web-related subjects - this is one of the best for the technical aspects. It gives you an overview of various web-programming subjects and concerns, which makes it a good starting point as well as a pretty good reference.

[email protected] said
I found this book to be very very informative and a great learning tool! the major exception to this is Chapter 8 which is absolutely PITIFUL! this book is written by several authors, each with their own style. The author of Chapter 8 spends more time telling you what he is not going to teach you than actually teaching anything! Chapter 8 is "Java Programming," do not buy this book for that. This book is truly great for any other Web-related programming/design topic, though. I still believe this book is a definite must-buy, just do not count on a very thorough understanding of Java without an additional resource.

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