Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)
Brian Knight, Ketan Patel, Wayne Snyder, Ross LoForte, Steven Wort
03 Nov 2008
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SQL Server 2008 represents a sizable jump forward in scalability, performance, and usability for the DBA, developer, and business intelligence (BI) developer. It is no longer unheard of to have 20-terabyte databases running on a SQL Server. SQL Server administration used to just be the job of a database administrator (DBA), but as SQL Server proliferates throughout smaller companies, many developers have begun to act as administrators as well.

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Customer Reviews

Mohammad M. Khan said
Easy to follow and very well structured book for below topics

Best practices for SQL Server 2008 installation
Tips for troubleshooting and securing the database engine
How to automate SQL Server
Ways to index your database
Methods for monitoring your SQL Server instance
How to performance tune your SQL Server instance.

D. E. Lopez said
A must read for setting up SQL Server. This book walks you through planning, installation all the way through setting up maintenance (Backup and restore). In addition the book is very thorough with lots of illustrations.

The first thing I noticed was in the planning stage the book provided a considerable amount of charts to determine not only which level of SQL Server and client licenses to install but also which components should be selected. This book also high-lights the differences between 2008 and previous versions. This was especially useful because I needed a reference that would advise me on changes. I have performed various installations and was surprised to read that the "Surface Area Configurator" was replaced with Policy-Based Management.

The Automating SQL Server section was great as I mentioned previously this section in particular had very good screen shots and explanations of the different options. In addition, it had various real world tips. Security is addressed throughout the book especially in "Integration Services".

I found it interesting that a whole chapter was devoted to "Change Management". The writer adds insight into VS Team System and how it can reconcile two database schemas and provides update scripts. In addition, what technical book is created that doesn't have a section on optimization and monitoring and here is not difference.

All in all I found the book very good from a DBA Installation/Optimization stand point. Just be aware that this is not a book if you are looking for creating Views, Stored Procedures, Database Diagrams and the like.

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