Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Unleashed

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Unleashed
Ray Rankins, Paul Bertucci, Chris Gallelli, Alex T. Silverstein
31 Dec 2006
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Unleashed offers comprehensive coverage of SQL Server 2005 that goes beyond the basic syntax and information you’ll find in the product manuals, providing in-depth information derived from the authors’ real-world experience to help you build upon your working knowledge of the product and take your experience and knowledge to a higher level.

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Customer Reviews

thirstyfortechknowledge said
This book is a laundry list of features and how to implement them - not the place to go if you're looking for best practices or even the best choice among a few options. For that use something like Professional SQL Server 2005 Performance Tuning (Programmer to Programmer).

Mr. Hongin Park said
This seller failed to deliver the book. I didn't recieve any thing from the seller for 3 weeks after my order. I contacted them and they refund my order. I'd like to claim my cost of time and energy for all the hessels. But I didn't. Maybe, you can do it. Please reflect this on seller's evaluation.

Andy Hongin Park

Psychlotron said
This book is very comprehensive. My review has nothing to do with that. Look to some of the other reviewers for content. My problem has to do with form.

My binding broke.

I have lots of big books with big binding and I've discovered that if you have a thick book you're going to need thin layer of glue for the binding so that it can bend. This book has thick glue which causes it to break rather than bend. I love books and am always gentle with them. Unfortunately as soon as I reached chapter 36 it broke and now my book is held together with tape.

I've also noticed that a Barnes and Noble has a differently bound copy with a _really_ thick white glue that seemed thick enough to prevent breaking. So I guess it's a gamble, if you get the paperback, whether you'll have a book that will actually hold up to reading.

I suggest buying the hardback if you can find it.

Sussan B. Pritchard said
These were bought as a gift for my grandson. The classes will not start for another week or two. But he was pleased to get them.

Enrique Villeda Navarro said
El libro cumple con su cometido. Resulta ser una excelente introducción para las múltiples caracteristicas de SQL Server 2005 sin ser una enciclopedia que profundice en dichos temas. Muy recomendable, sin embargo habrá que considerar dos elementos:
1. SQL Server 2008 se liberó este año y
2. La información en Internet resulta ser más actualizada en algunos rubros.

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