Beginning InfoPath 2003 (Programmer to Programmer)

Beginning InfoPath 2003 (Programmer to Programmer)
F. Scott Barker
11 Mar 2005
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*InfoPath creates forms for data gathering, analysis, and reporting *InfoPath has been adopted by many companies, ranging from Toyota and Hewlett-Packard to M/I Homes and New York Presbyterian Hospital, and recent laws that regulate data collection, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA, have increased demand *Explains how to use InfoPath in a single user mode and how to use it with other databases, such as Access and SQL Server, or in conjunction with XML Web services

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Customer Reviews

J. Kunkel said
the first several chapters are good if you are a beginner as I consider myself. However, I wanted to learn some techniques not covered. The last chapters seemed rushed and most of the c# examples do not work with Visual Studio 2008. The Infopath application examples worked fine on InfoPath 2007, just anything with Visual Studio code samples did not work on Visual Studion 2008. There may have been some drastic changes between VS 2003 to VS 2005 to VS 2008. I also noticed more errata towards the end of the book with words appearing multiple times and misplaced words more noticable in the last 3 chapters.

J. Gwinn said
Beginning InfoPath 2003 (Programmer to Programmer) is excellent. The book was new and the price was great. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning and using InfoPath. Easy to read and understand.

Roy William Johns Jr. said
I am new to Infopath. I am a quick learner. Most subjects we usually buy our first "beginners" book then 1 week later need another book to pick up where things leave off.

"Beginning InfoPath 2003" is a great book for beginners and takes you right into some more meaty stuff.


I Heart Databases said
I can't say enough good things about this book. I chose to buy it because of all the other positive reviews before mine. I already knew what InfoPath was capable of, I just needed someone to explain "how to." The tutorials and examples in the book are great. This book really helped me figure out everything I needed get my forms created and hooked up to a database. It's a very easy and quick read.

Edward I. Rodman said
I have been thrust into the InfoPath world. I had trouble getting a grasp
on things searching on-line etc.
I got Scott Barker's book and it's simply excellent. Going thru the first 6 chapters, and doing the examples has given me the foundation to move forward. This is a beginning book, but it covers all the things to get you productive. Thank you Scott.

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