Pro PHP and jQuery

Pro PHP and jQuery
Jason Lengstorf
22 Jun 2010
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This book is for intermediate programmers interested in building AJAX web applications using jQuery and PHP. Along with teaching some advanced PHP techniques, it will teach you how to take your dynamic applications to the next level by adding a JavaScript layer with jQuery. *Learn to utilize built-in PHP functions to build calendar tools. *Learn how jQuery can be used for AJAX, animation, client-side validation, and more.What you’ll learn

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Customer Reviews

Paul Barrick said
What is so good about Jason's books are that they dont waste your time on 10 pages of what is a variable. It gives your a concise guide into the world of jQuery, arms you with the tools to continue educating yourself, and then moves on to using it.

As far as PHP and OOP goes, this book picks off where Jason's last book left off. It gives you an detailed and succinct explanation of PHP and its OO concepts. Then he guides your though these waters helping you navigate ambiguous concepts.

BTW, he also has some great tuts on netttus. You can get a taste for his teaching style there. :)

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