Easy Winsock for transmiting and recieving strings

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This ActiveX control is to be used instead of winsock. (It contains the winsock control). It makes winsock even easier to use by automatically separating strings that may get 'fused' together during transmission.

In other words, data which arives (in a similar way to winsock, through an event subroutine) is already to be processed by your program, you do not need to check that the whole string has arived or whether it has been joined to another string also being transmitted, as this is fone within the control. It's nothing special, but I noticed how so many people in the discussion forums are having the same problem, and rather than post the same solution over and over, I'd slap in here.

If you would rather not use this as an activeX, I've pasted the source code in the next page, but you would have to modify it, unless you are planing to use a user control. If you are unfamiliar with these funky little things I would recommend you download the Zip file.

The Zip contains all information, files, and example programs and sourcecode, enjoy.

Please rate me, thanks.

>>Source to this activeX on the next page >> :)

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