Calculate Age

Calculating someone's age is pretty straightforward, and here's how! In order for the code to work, you need a DateTime object called BirthDate containing the birthday.


// get the difference in years
int years = DateTime.Now.Year - BirthDate.Year;
// subtract another year if we're before the
// birth day in the current year
if (DateTime.Now.Month < BirthDate.Month ||
    (DateTime.Now.Month == BirthDate.Month &&
    DateTime.Now.Day < BirthDate.Day))


' get the difference in years
Dim years As Integer = DateTime.Now.Year - BirthDate.Year
' subtract another year if we're before the
' birth day in the current year
If DateTime.Now.Month < BirthDate.Month Or (DateTime.Now.Month = BirthDate.Month And DateTime.Now.Day < BirthDate.Day) Then
    years = years - 1
End If

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