Real time menu editing

Simple app to add and remove things from the "menu editor" menu in real time (whilst the program is running); the example below simply counts to ten, but you can do various things with this concept.

All you need is a bit of knowledge on the "Menu Editor"

Open menu editor (Ctrl+E)

Create a menu with the following attributes

Name : MnuFile

Caption : File

Now add a sub-menu to it with the following

Caption : SpaceSaver

Name : MnuRealTime

Index : 0



Make sure you set the index of the sub menu. This is important.

Now... Add two buttons with the following attributes

First Command Button:

Name : CmdAdd10

Caption : Count To 10

Second Command Button:

Name CmdRemoveAll

Caption : Remove All


The form should look something like this



Now goto the code for CmdAdd10:


Private Sub cmdAdd10_Click()

Dim i As Integer

For i = 1 To 10

Load mnuRealTime(i)                                '  this loads a new menu item

mnuRealTime(i).Caption = i                     ' this changes its caption


mnuRealTime(0).Visible = False              ' this makes the spacesaver invisible

End Sub


Next add this code to the cmdRemoveAll click event

Private Sub cmdRemoveAll_Click()
Dim i As Integer
mnuRealTime(0).Visible = True                 'this makes the spacesaver visible again
For i = 1 To mnuRealTime.ubound          ' deletes all items except 0 which is the spacesaver
Unload mnuRealTime(i)                           'unloads the menu item
End Sub

Run the program and Wallaaaaaaaaaa

You can use this for a lot of things... For example favourites on a web browser or recently opened files on an office type application

Good luck and have fun

If you need help just ask!

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