Convert Decimal Integer Values to Binary String in VB6

A small function to convert decimal integer values to a binary string. The number of bits can be optionally specified but this will be increased if insufficient.

Public Function DecToBin(DeciValue As Long, Optional NoOfBits As Integer = 8) _
As String
'* Name : DecToBin
'* Date : 2003
'* Author : Alex Etchells
Dim i As Integer
'make sure there are enough bits to contain the number
Do While DeciValue > (2 ^ NoOfBits) - 1
NoOfBits = NoOfBits + 8
DecToBin = vbNullString
'build the string
For i = 0 To (NoOfBits - 1)
DecToBin = CStr((DeciValue And 2 ^ i) / 2 ^ i) & DecToBin
Next i
End Function

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