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For anyone who spends a lot of time writing user interface code, optimizing the view immediately conjures up images of windows, clever little UI gadgets, usability issues and a long string of design meetings with excitable and over-caffeinated programmers. The fact that these little get togethers may very well involve airborne white board erasers traveling with great velocity and purpose is just another testament to the passionate importance we place on how our software is presented to our customers. Indeed, the portal through which the user peers into the depths of our code often seems to define the software itself, at least in the eye of the beholder. Consequently, we acknowledge that user interface issues are not just a matter of putting on a pretty face, but in fact define the boundaries within which our users will operate. Put a clunky view on a good piece of software and you end up with a clunky piece of, well, software.

However, those of you who have already fired up your programmer's editor and called in your order for a pepperoni pizza in anticipation of yet another exciting session of coding are probably getting a little ahead of the game. We're not here to talk about the bits and bytes of coding. We're here to talk about something much more important - your future as a professional software developer. So, you won't be needing that programmer's editor for the moment. The pizza's probably still a good idea, though. Some traditions should never be changed.

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