Start Up Camp (GDC Edition)

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Sat, 26 Feb 2011, 03:00 - 05:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , San Francisco, US
40.0 USD

Come build your Gaming Start Up company with San Francisco's best and brightest who are also interested in building a gaming start up, or helping you build yours before GDC 2011, the largest US event for the gaming industry!  Stop talking, and lets get to work on your dream!


What happens at Startup Camp?

We educate you about startup creation in 56 hours: First, you and other forward thinking entrepreneurs from your city will pitch startup plans for 60-90 seconds each. Second, we’ll crowd source the best of your city’s bunch and create teams to begin solidifying those ideas. Teams are normally mid sized (plus or minus 5), and each team is mixed to balance tech-oriented and non-technical attendees. You and your team members will work the remaining hours of Startup Camp to create a launch pad for your business with professional mentors.


Who goes to Startup Camp?
Semantic Seed’s Startup Camp is most valuable to those who have technical backgrounds–like developers, designers, CTOs–and those in business, marketing, law, and investment. Attendees at Startup Camp come to weave their business network and to step outside their comfort zone. Most of our entrepreneurs are between 25-45. We accept younger entrepreneurs who have the maturity to handle professional work.


Why should I go to an event?
You’ll get valuable feedback and networking for your business. Startup Camp is an opportunity for you to create, test, and push your boundaries, all while solidifying your mission, target groups, and marketing strategy. The purpose of this 56 hour event is to give your the knowledge and experience to launch your startup company. As you build skills and absorb from professionals–the mentors, judges, and speakers we recruit–you’ll be establishing a template for the realization of your ideas, and working towards your final concept with peers. Also, check out the prizes offered to winners on the website for your city’s Startup Camp event.

Do you provide food?
Yes, we provide you with food and caffeine because we know the kind of momentum that needs to be sustained between team members during Startup Camp. Since all Semantic Seed events are located in great cities, you can be sure there are good places to eat nearby as well. We also provide places for you to shower so you can freshen up during the event.



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