C# 4: Looking Ahead

16-17 Apr 2009 (Add to calendar) GMT
1 SNL Plaza , Charlottesville, US

C#/.Net 4 introduces a wide variety of new libraries and language additions to help make your development even more effective and powerful than before.

We'll recap the new features added to the language and .NET framework with the 3.5 SP1 release, then show how this new release builds upon these to provide you with its most powerful feature set to date. With version 4, C# brings the flexibility and expressiveness of the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) to your applications, helping you to hit the ground running with new levels of awesome.


John Feminella is an avid software enthusiast and tireless advocate for organizational agility. As a developer, he wears many hats, leveraging his knowledge of C#, Java, Groovy, and Python for the forces of good. He's also particularly interested in unit and integration testing, the Processing framework, and various other side projects too numerous to list.

Aside from his day job building fun software, he teaches three sections of a popular personal finance and investment class to the University community. He is also the author of the Periscope plugin for Firefox, a contributor to the Mono open-source project, and a fan of Ubuntu.

You can follow John on Twitter @superninjarobot, or read his blog at distilledb.com/blog.


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