jQuery 101

jQuery NYC
25-26 Apr 2011 (Add to calendar) GMT
Hive at 55 , New York, US
5.0 USD

This is a workshop in a classroom-like environment where you will be exposed to jQuery as an effective tool for most of your web development needs. It comes as an on-going set of workshops.

We will explore the basics of how to work with jQuery while at the same time learning how to do so effectively, professionally, and avoid common pitfalls many web developers encounter when working with jQuery.

Target Audience
* Beginner
* Intermediate

Today's Agenda
* JavaScript Intro
* DOM Overview
* DOM Ready
* CSS Selectors
* jQuery Selectors

The workshops will literally cover every aspect of jQuery and progressively cover every feature of jQuery. The focus will be on teaching good development practices so you will know how to maximize your use of jQuery and become an effective front-end programmer.

As a bonus we will aim to invite other jQuery developers and users to present their experiences, topics, and stories on jQuery. If you have any ideas, wish-lists, etc... feel free to contact me and we'll look into adding them to our agenda.

Additionally, if you are a seasoned web professional having experience with jQuery, please come out and join us to share your knowledge with the group by supplementing the presented information with your experience.

The attendance fee of $5 helps out with paying for the space, equipment, and any other unforeseeable expenses related to running this group.

My phone number is 862 266 3311.
My e-mail is [email protected]

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