Android Developer Meetup March

The New York Android Software Developers Meetup
23-24 Mar 2011 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US

Sorry for the short notice on the scheduling. The speaker for this month is Peter Kirn, see below for a description. 


Thank you to Pivotal Labs for providing the location for our meetup!


Real-Time Sound on Android with libpd

You've seen sound and music demos on (cough) other mobile platforms.
And maybe you've wondered if real-time audio could enrich your Android
software, but figured building sound capabilities from scratch was
best left to audio wizards.

libpd uses a mature, graphical programming language for sound
synthesis and processing musicians have loved for over two decades.
Peter Brinkmann (libpd primary author) and Peter Kirn
( show the sonic capabilities of this library,
from basic audio to music to sounds from the heart of space.

*plus* Rapid Android Prototyping with Processing

Fitting perfectly with libpd, and bridging the gap between artists and
programmers, Peter Kirn will also give a brief demo of Processing, a
powerful graphical toolkit that now runs natively on Android and
creates even hardware-accelerated OpenGL apps in a matter of moments.

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