Robert Pickering's Beginning F# Workshop

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Thu, 29 Sep 2011, 08:00 - 10:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
The Skills Matter eXChange , London, GB

One of the stars of the Skills Matter Functional Programming eXchange this year, Robert Pickering returns this September with his "Beginning F# Workshop".

This is a two day course that will teach you all about F#, an exciting new language that has evolved from a Microsoft Research project into a first class citizen of Visual Studio 2010. You will discover how F# can be used to express programs concisely and efficiently; you’ll also learn how to start having fun with this enormously productive language.

This F# course will start with an introduction to F# and functional programming. It will show you how to use F#’s powerful immutable data structures to reduce the amount of mutable state your programs require. You'll look at how functions can be used to build complex solutions by composing a number of simple and elegant building blocks. You will also learn how F# allows you to easily mix functional programming with both object oriented and imperative style programming.

As the course progresses will you will learn, though a mixture of presentations and hands on labs, how to use F# to do both asynchronous and parallel programming. You'll look at advance parallel programming by message passing between agents. You'll then move on to using DSLs and language oriented techniques to increase programmer productivity. Finally, you’ll look at how a combination of DSLs, meta and parallel programming can be used to run certain kinds of algorithms on the GPU, greatly increasing their performance.

Delegates will also receive a copy of Robert Pickering's book "Beginning F#" during the course.

Get more info and sign up here:

Cost: £1195+VAT

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