Discussions about Drupal tools and best practices

Drupal Israel
Mon, 19 Sep 2011, 15:00 - 17:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
Moffet College , Yafo, IL

We're meeting thanks to iamjon who offered to start the discussion and Asaph who offered to host the meetup at CPO offices and the day of the week was picked thanks to Amir's new polling system.


The agenda will mainly consist of the following:

Drupal tools and best practices for getting involved.


- The Issues queue culture                         by iamjon

- How to create, send, apply git patches

- Starting your own sandbox

- Intro to and efficient use of IRC chats       by iamjon

- Intro to Drush (it came up lately)


More Presenters are welcome to pick a topic, elaborate one presented or tell us about their vacations in Spain.


Location information:

Please note: the google "map" link above points to the wrong building - see location of number 18 instead of 20 for the true location.

For those arriving by public transportation - see list of buses passing/stop near the location. Nearest train station is "Ha'hagana".

For those arriving by car - there is a large parking lot on "Shlavim" St, and a smaller one on "She'erit Israel".

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