October Meetup

Dublin Alt.NET
Wed, 12 Oct 2011, 19:00 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
The Central Hotel , Dublin, IE

On Wednesday the 12th of October we are meeting up at 7pm in the Central Hotel

For October we are trying a slightly different approach

  • Vim the basics, plus a little more..   By Cormac McGuire
Last year a programmer friend of mine told me she was using vim to do all her development. Icouldn't understand why anyone would do that to themselves. Surely black screens for coding were for the 80s. Then I learned how to use it..... Vim is fast, easy to use once you understand it, massively configurable and perhaps most importantly available on pretty much every *nix and linux server out there. I'll be showing the basics of vim, what the modes are and how they work. How to insert copy, paste and navigate from the comfort of your keyboard. We'll also look at how to get your vim looking and feeling the way you like it. Vim also has a surprising amount of plugins. I'll show you how to install these and pimp out your vim.
  • Code Kata: Grzegorz Caban will be driving the String Calculator Code Kata.

See you there, and don't forget if there is a topic you want covered in the following meetup talk to us either in person or through the discussion group


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