Web Trends: Responsive Design

HTML5 Developer Group
Wed, 22 Feb 2012, 03:30 - 05:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , San Diego, US

“Let's talk Responsive design!”

Responsive design is the new term for cross browser compatibility. It's the buzz word we see more and more as mobile devices replace our computers for daily tasks and social interaction. Does your website show up properly on every mobile device? It's time to take a look at responsive design and some of the popular apps and best practices on how to implement it.

Cordell Giesen, San Diego local entrepreneur and founder of Zambig, a company focused on making radio interactive, will present how he applies Responsive design to his UX processes in a lean, agile start up environment to build Intercom.fm, and related iOS, Android and app experiences.

Zambig empowers radio station listeners to interact with radio stations through mobile apps and social networks. Cordell has a background in Industrial Design. He ran a manufacturing company, then got interested in radio sales and marketing. He realized traditional radio was doing a poor job of developing new technologies that allow users to interact and decided to do something about it.

For this month RefreshSD is Tuesday, February 21st. Make sure to RSVP. We're sure to have a full house for this topic. As usual we combine our meetings with the HTML5 and Web Design group.

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