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.NET Developers Association
Tue, 22 May 2012, 02:00 - 05:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Redmond, US
5.0 USD


Explore the .NET 4.5 beta to see the next round of changes for your favorite development tool. You?ll see a new approach to asynchronous programming, support for Win 8 development, and a few other features and improvements. This session will clarify the distinction between asynchronous and multi-threading, when each is appropriate and the extra complexity of multi-threading. C# 5 and Visual Basic 11 include the concept of continuations at a language level, allowing massively simplified coding of both asynchronous and multi-threaded programs. Win 8 provides supports both a desktop framework and a smaller framework for Metro style applications. You?ll get an overview of this design, how to target either framework, and how to isolate code that can run on both frameworks. The session will also give an overview of other changes within the framework, such as changes to the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) and garbage collection.


Kathleen Dollard is .NET Coach for Crystal MEF Lab. She has been a Microsoft MVP since 1998 and has given hundreds of speeches around the world. She has worked extensively with compositional architectures in relation to specific development platforms. Her experience includes HTML5/Javascript, Silverlight, and WPF in both C# and Visual Basic. She?s interested in making core .NET technologies available to all coders to enable them to write better software faster. Her newest adventures include Windows Azure and SQL Azure. Kathleen is also a long-time advocate of generative techniques and is the author of Code Generation in Microsoft .NET (from Apress). She has published numerous articles on a range of .NET technologies. Kathleen is active in the Northern Colorado .NET SIG, the Denver Visual Studio User Group, and the Northern Colorado Architect's Group.


6:30pm - Doors open
7:00pm - News and announcements
7:10pm - What's new in .NET 4.5
8:20pm - Prize Drawing
8:30pm - Meet up at Red Robin for socializing

Please RSVP to attend. We will be using the 5.00 fee to purchase Pizza. We will be checking RSVPs at the door.  We prefer you RSVP and pay online, if you must pay cash on site please email the organizer to RSVP.


NOTE: We are still trying to finalize the location.  It may change.

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