jQuery Deferred Object API

jQuery NYC
24-25 May 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US

There is a really cool feature that jQuery has implemented that is called the Deferred Object.  Once you start reading up on it, you'll come to jQuery's helpful page that helps you along in understanding it with the following:

"One model for understanding Deferred is to think of it as a chain-aware function wrapper. Thedeferred.then()deferred.done(), and deferred.fail() methods specify the functions to be called and the deferred.resolve(args) or deferred.reject(args) methods ?call? the functions with the arguments you supply. Once the Deferred has been resolved or rejected it stays in that state; a second call to deferred.resolve() is ignored for example. If more functions are added by deferred.then() after the Deferred is resolved, they are called immediately with the arguments previously provided."

If that explanation makes no sense whatsoever to you, you are not alone.  This is a somewhat more advanced feature that the average jQuery developer will not leverage unless another jQuery developer breaks it down into digestible pieces of information

Tonight's meetup will target those who have already worked with jQuery and want to explore the more sophisticated side of jQuery.

Come early to network with others interested in jQuery.  Doors open at 6:50pm for socializing and networking.  Food and drinks are provided for free courtesy ZocDoc.

* 7:00pm - 9:00pm

* Introduction to Deferred Object
* Building blocks
* Anatomy of $.Deferred()
* Real-life examples
* Q&A session

Skill Level
* Intermediate
* Advanced

* Free

* ZocDoc

Please, bring your laptops.  You should have some programming background to get most out of this presentation.

Tell your friends to join this meetup so we can grow and enjoy learning everything about jQuery.

If you are a professional jQuery developer, and interested in adding to the presentation as a speaker/presenter, please e-mail me your credentials and material so we can integrate it into our Agenda.

Please RSVP so we can make this into a recurring event and be something we all look forward to.

Bring your laptops, will to learn, and open mind. WiFi will be provided at no cost.

My cell is (862) 266 3311 and feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Terms of Participation
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