Preparing for the 2.5 Days AT&T Hackathon

Android Programming Classes at the Alameda Public Library
Fri, 4 May 2012, 02:00 - 04:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Alameda, US

Note: The RSVPs on this page are disabled. I've enabled the waiting list, but please do the homework assigned before signing up on the waiting list to come to this meeting. We're not meeting at the library this time.

First off before I do anything else, I want to congratulate my own team: Felix Palmer, Kent William Inholl, Veda Rogers, and myself for winning 1st place in the Multiple-Screens Category at the Google TV Hackathon last week.

We did a Quiz game for Google TV, where multiple players could control the game using their cell phone or tablet, while the questions and scores appeared on the Google TV (we used TCP sockets over local wifi for the communication).

Now coming back to our regular agenda:

This Thursday night we're going to have a hands-on preparation session for the upcoming AT&T Hackathon this weekend (which is already sold out, I'm sorry to say).

As homework before coming to the preparation session itself, please install the Sample Messaging App from the Apigee UserGrid (on your platform of choice: Android, HTML5, or even iOS). The AT&T Hackathon says that they're about HTML5, but really, most of their apis (except for their U-verse set-top box api) can be called through a restful interface through their Apigee console.

If for some reason the Apigee UserGrid doesn't work for you (for me for instance, I'm still waiting for the email that is supposed to activate my apigee beta account), then feel free to use something like or and install one their skeleton app instead ( is the fastest one to get set up).

If you're one of the folks that came last time with LeanEngine installed, you'll come to find that or stackmob are a thousand times easier to install than LeanEngine and they basically give you some of the same capabilities. So if you finish early and have some free time to spare, please do peruse the AT&T apis just to start thinking about what can be done using those apis.

If you're an iOS developer for instance, try playing around with their U-Verse iOS sdk (unfortunately, they don't have an Android SDK for that yet, so I won't be able to try it myself).


Starting back on May 21st, we will be returning to our normal location at the library, and we'll be able to open our meetings back up to more people.

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