Hackernest Toronto Monthly Tech Social

Toronto (Marketcrashers) Hackernest: web/tech entrepreneurs
Tue, 26 Jun 2012, 00:00 - 03:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Toronto, CA
5.0 CAD

*** You must RSVP to get a nametag! *** (or be socially ostracized)

This is a casual, social group for technologists to come together, mingle, and perhaps find a partner in crime or two.


Come meet some of the interesting startups in The Next 36, an elite university-level Canadian entrepreneurial leadership program!


Rough format:

8pm - show up, socialize, chill

9pm - introductions, some words from our sponsors, then watch a handful of startups from The Next 36 do ninjafast speedpitching

9:40pm - plot to take over the world


Awesome gold sponsor:

Nonprofit government-backed Canadian "National Centre of Excellence" and wireless company accelerator, Wavefront


Ultrafriendly recruiting sponsor:

Talent, opportunities, and connections: GuruLink recruiting - tried, tested, and true since since 2002 (hey, that rhymes)






Gracious space sponsor:

Dynamo Toronto "startup" Wave Accounting - fast, easy, totally free small business accounting (man, they should totally license that slick tagline from me)




Benevolent beer sponsor:

The good people at Great Lakes Brewery are contributing a few cases of beer. Awesome!






<*Note: $5 is suggested donation and voluntary; feel free to shell out $9309482 if you really want to>


At any given Hackernest meetup, you may find people who are:

  • curious about developing on Ruby on Rails, but far too attached to Cake PHP to ever take the plunge
  • looking for a tech/entrepreneur/new business story to cover
  • Objective-C experts who secretly hate themselves for working on iPhones/iPads/Apple products
  • looking to recruit a 5th or 6th engineer for their venture-funded TORONTO-BASED tech startup (no, seriously, it's true - these actually do exist; I happen to be part of one)
  • looking to write articles/stories about the obscure/interesting/hilarious hacks you've pulled off
  • totally oblivious and just wandered in because they heard there was booze (!?)
  • building a top-secret app out of their basement that's going to change the way the world does X
  • scrambling to find a partner to work with on a well-paying contract that's just a wee bit too much workload for the anticipated deadline
  • heroes because they're part of the burgeoning community that will reverse Toronto's brain-drain
  • ...incredibly talented, smart, entrepreneurial, and absolutely dangerous to the status quo


Chances are, you'll fit right in if you're a(n):

  • web developer
  • software developer
  • web designer
  • network administrator
  • database administrator
  • systems administrator
  • front-end designer/developer
  • programmer
  • coder
  • engineer (electrical, computer)
  • tech enthusiast
  • tech/entrepreneur-oriented media/journalist
  • really, really obsessive/compulsive blogger/Tweeter
  • recruiter looking to poach PHP/Ruby/Python/Java developers for your team/firm
  • internet entrepreneur
  • mobile developer
  • search engine optimization (SEO) professional
  • software/hardware hacker/h4ck3r
  • technical writer/project manager/business analyst
  • 1337 individual

...and aren't a douchebag. <3


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