New Hampshire PHP launch pizza party

New Hampshire PHP
19-20 Jul 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Manchester, US

We want to grow the New Hampshire PHP group into a monthly meetup of like minded developers and engineers. And we want to attract top speakers on web development topics (including but not limited to PHP).

This will be our first meetup so it will be a little different.

The meetup will open with a brief introduction from New Hampshire PHP founder and author of the book "Expert PHP and MySQL" then we'll hand over the floor to you.

Everyone will get five minutes (if they want) to talk about what cool projects they are working on. We may even have some surprise guest speakers.

After that we will brainstorm ideas on how to make the next meetup incredible. And, of course, ample time for networking.

Some of the great ideas we've heard so far are: code clinics, hack-a-thons, lightning talks, and workshops.

There will also be pizza and soft drinks for everyone!

If you are interested in sponsoring the event (by providing pizza or drinks) please contact us.

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