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Free wishes to share below information about FREE online courses that will teach you how to code (software programming).  Browse through the courses, find which one you like, register, and start taking the lessons online.   Most of them will allow you to complete the course at your own pace; and they're FREE!  So, try them now!

Below info is lifted from the blog of Pamela Fox. Thanks Pamela!!

----- note from Tins ---

Dear TechTalkies - Please provide your feedback about these courses by putting your comments below.  Which one do you like best? Do you want to see more free tools like these?   Let us know if these courses are useful to you.  Thanks!  Tins

p.s. I have tried Khan Academy and it features great tutorial videos for parents and their kids (of all ages).  Covers many topics from elementary level to college to etc.

------ Excerpts from Pamela's blog ------

Online Courses

Many folks have realized that you can teach programming without being a university professor and are building platforms and tools to teach online and/or to encourage people to teach eachother.

  • Udemy: A platform for letting anyone create a course (with a set of video lectures) and then charge for people to watch it (usually around $30). It's not programming-specific, but there are a few beginner-level courses up on it.
  • Khan Academy: A non-profit that wants to make education freely available, they have tutorial style videos on a number of topics, including Computer Science.
  • CodeSchool: A site with interactive tutorials and videos, ranging from newbie (like the famous TryRuby from Why-the-lucky-stuff) to more advanced.
  • Codecademy: A startup that teaches coding through interactive (JavaScript-based) tutorials and rewards you with badges for making progress through the tutorials. They also created CodeYear, a way of subscribing to their lessons one week at a time.
  • Bloc: An online, paid custom tailored curriculum for learning design, web development (ruby), and iOS, including personal mentorship and interaction with other students.
  • Team Treehouse: This startup teaches web design, web development, and iOS development through videos and quizzes.
  • AppendTo: A series of training videos on JavaScript and jQuery, offered by a consulting agency.
  • CodeAvengers: Play a game and learn JS at the same time.
  • iHeartPy: An online lesson in Python, with badges.
  • SkillCrush: A just-launched startup with tutorials on practical web development topics (including not as technical topics like "Beautify your blog") and a daily newsletter with terms of the day.

And of course, there are also sites that attempt to aggregate many of the above sources, so that you don't have to visit them all: CourseBacon and Teach Yourself To Code.

If you try one of these out and get frustrated, don't give up - take a break, try again, ask a friend, or try something else. Programming is hard to learn, and even harder if you're going about it on your own. Good on you for taking it on, either way!

About Pamela Fox

-- Read Pamela Fox's full blog HERE

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