Ninja Techniques: Tips, Tricks, & Tools for Being More Productive as a Developer

Wed, 15 Aug 2012, 00:00 - 03:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Dallas, US

Ninja Techniques ? Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Being More Productive as a Developer given by Chris Weldon

All developers have tools in their digital (and sometimes physical) belt to help them do their job. But staying on-top of the tools ecosystem is just as much a challenge as keeping up with the technology we actively use. In this session, you'll learn some of the newest tools, tips, and hacks from the developer and agilist ecosystem that have the power to make you even more productive and your life as a developer a whole lot more enjoyable. Do you have the skills and interest to become a coding ninja?


Who: Chris Weldon

When: August 14th @ 7pm

Where: SoftLayer Offices on Alpha


Speaker Bio:

Chris Weldon is constantly committed to delivering high value on agile teams. Since 2007, Chris has been reading, loving, living, leading, and mentoring agilists and agile teams to build high quality, high value software. Throughout the year, Chris regularly carries the roles of developer, scrummaster, and mentor. Sharing his knowledge by speaking at user groups, universities, conferences, and one-on-one with others is a passion. Chris has been a speaker for several Aggieland user groups, tech fests, AgileDotNet, and other conferences and technology groups alike. Chris is also the co-organizer of the B/CS PHP Users Group, blogs at, and is an occasional contributor to Improving Podcasts.

As a die-hard developer, Chris pushes his teams thru software best practices, including TDD, pair programming, continuous integration, SOLID design patterns, and rapid releases. His strengths are in the identity management namespace, including oAuth, OpenID, and WIF solutions, all supported by a variety of backends from Active Directory to SQL Databases.

Chris loves being a Senior Consultant at Improving Enterprises. Aside from being given the opportunity to do what he loves, he believes that delivering excellent software is the only way to roll. Although an agile purist at heart, Chris strives to strike the right balance between the ideal and the real in order to meet the team?s objectives without sacrificing the values and principles we have come to love.

Chris is a Fightin? Texas Aggie. When he isn?t presenting at conferences and user groups, he spends time with his wife Melissa and son Tristan.


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