The Agilist versus Data Architect civil (uncivil?) war

Melbourne Scrum User Group
Wed, 26 Sep 2012, 08:00 - 11:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Melbourne, AU

There's sometimes a tension between traditional data architects/ modellers, and agilists.

Perhaps it's not too hard to understand. The "data" types feel they?ve been burned by fast delivery of applications that won't integrate with other systems, and the agile developers don't want to sit around waiting for head office architects to describe a perfect start-up model.

One approach to ending this civil (uncivil?) war is to use published data model/class model patterns. These are not the well-known Gang-of-Four ?design patterns?; they are business object patterns (from Martin Fowler, David Hay, Len Silverston and many more). The target outcome from integrating these patterns is to:

1. Facilitate timely delivery of a concise and elegant start-up data architecture.

2. Leverage proven and robust patterns that are easy to extend over the subsequent iterations.

3. Ease the pain of post-delivery integration (as applicable).

A number of case-studies that have applied this pattern-based approach will be referenced, and essential ?lessons-of-experience? highlighted. On-the-fly questions, and even spontaneous exercises to clarify the concepts, will be welcomed as this is intended to be a fun and informative session.

And one free copy of the speaker?s book, ?The Nimble Elephant: Agile Delivery of Data Models using a Pattern-based Approach?, will be offered as a door prize.

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