TRIP TO NAUKUCHIATAL in kumaon hills - 10/11th to 15th Aug.2012

I am Happy Project - Ni Dilli, Indian
9-10 Aug 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New Delhi, IN

Place: Naukuchiyatal, bhimtal, sattal, jeolikot, pungot, mukteshwar in the KUMAON HILLS OF UTTARANCHAL - this side of the state the weather god has been kind and not unleashed its fury - so we shall be safe (all these places are within 5 - 30 kms distance of each other)
Dates: Dep. either 10th or 11th Aug to 15th Aug.
Accom: GMVN TRH in Naukuchiyatal (since there is no time to do advance booking we shall take the chance on reaching...i am sure we shall get something)i have made a tentative booking on the phone.
Transport: Hire an INNOVA (5 pax + driver can be comfortable in one car)
Cost: Rs. 6000/- p.h. approxi.

Coordinator: Anjali - 9868578849/ 26685233

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