Responsive Design w/Aidan Foster

HTML5 Web App Developers
18-19 Oct 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Toronto, CA

We're still hunting a location as our usual Office Pub location is booked up for the 18th. If anybody has suggestions, please message Matthew or tweet to @html5_toronto

Keep in mind, I'm limiting attendance to 50 until we confirm a location, if the venue can accomodate for more, I will open it up to max it out.


Aidan Foster - @finteractive

Drupal Website Project Manager and UI Designer. Obsessed with Responsive Web Design. Owner of Foster Interactive Inc.

Aidan is a project manager, and front-end programmer focused on responsive web design. His team created, an information website to inform and promote responsive design to a non-programmer audience.

Aidan owns boutique web studio Foster Interactive, that works with SME?s and Agencies to implement responsive websites. Aidan has over 10 years experience in web design and has worked in a wide range of sectors including resource, legal, financial services, and non-profits.

Aidan is actively involved in the open-source software Drupal, and presents workshops at the annual Toronto Drupal Camp. Aidan hold a Honour?s Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media from Ryerson University?s School of Image Arts.

Responsive Web Design - A New Workflow.

Responsive Design's is a way of making a single website that works well on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. Back in 2010 Ethan Marcotte, first coined the term "responsive design" and described it as having 3 components:

  • Flexible Images
  • Fluid Grids
  • CSS Media Queries

Well it seems Ethan let quite a few cats of out bag with this one, and we've been trying to herd those cats ever since.

What started as exclusively a front-end web design technique has expanded to include a whole new range of both front-end and server-side programming techniques. The real challenge came when we also suddenly discovered that tried and true practices for project management, and creative concept development all started to fall apart. It?s not practical to create photoshop mockups of ever page in a site at every device size - There?s simply too many variables to account for in graphic design software.

Responsive Design requires a new process for creating websites, and new ways of interacting with teams and clients.

This presentation will outline a birds-eye-view of Responsive Techniques, Strategies, Tools, and Gotchas of RWD. It will focus on some of the new workflow techniques needed and cover some suggestions for where to go to learn more. We?ll finish up with a Q&A session to share everyone's experiences.

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