Create the Web Tour (Toronto) presented by Adobe

HTML5 Web App Developers
16-17 Nov 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Toronto, CA

Greetings all, some great news! We've been asked to host Adobe's Create the Web Tour Toronto event. Join us for drinks and appetizers along with a couple of great speakers. We're changing the location for this event to fit everybody in, so be sure to double check the location to find out how to get there.

Also, we have been paying close attention to who has and has not been coming to the events after they register. I have a couple of hundred name tags that I've collected over the last few months, including a number from the last one. With the now +1,100 people in the group, if you cannot make it to an event, please do not sign-up. You are taking a spot of somebody who could have made it. I'd like to keep this group completely free to attend but too much more no-shows and we will need to look practices that many other groups here in Toronto have taken to.


Your local Meetup has been invited to participate in a worldwide tour. Visit after September 24th to see the listing of this city's meetup and more!

The next generation of HTML and CSS offer powerful new features for creating content that is graphically rich. It's never been easier to leverage animation, motion graphics, and sophisticated graphical techniques when building for the modern web. Come see what Adobe is doing to move the web forward in these areas by working on new W3C specifications, tools that help designers create content, and services for testing content across screens.

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