SIG:(Web/Mobile) Sencha Touch vs JQuery Mobile Cage-fight, The Rematch

Triangle .NET User Group
3-4 Oct 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Raleigh, US

Over 6 months ago these two frameworks met in a head to head grudge match. It turned into a draw. Things have changed. Will it be enough to declare a winner this time?

Back by overwhelming demand -

In the left corner representing programmatic development, we have Sencha touch.

In the right corner representing an HTML layout/attribute approach, we have JQuery mobile.

Both frameworks will get a chance to show their moves. Each takes a different approach to development and we will examine how these differing philosophies will help or hinder us as .NET developers.

We will look at the performance of each framework. What works best where and in what scenarios.

We will look at code, documentation, and history. Each one has some great supporting tools available. These will weigh in on the final decision.


Please register in advance. We need to get a list of attendees to Security the morning of the meetup.

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