Why Computers Will [Not] Take Over the World: Palantir Engineer, Ari Gesher

Wed, 10 Oct 2012, 02:00 - 04:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , San Jose, US

Come Xplore the fundamental insight powering "Silicon Valley's Next Billion-Dollar Company" (TechCrunch) and "The War on Terror's Secret Weapon" (BusinessWeek):


Computers Will [Not] Take Over the World: but will help us save it.


According to Palantir senior engineer & big data expert, Ari Gesher, the most powerful systems will be those that augment human intelligence, not attempt to recreate it.


Join us for a talk about:

  1. How humans and computers working in collaboration can outperform any computer in existence
  2. How artificial intelligence wrongfully hijacked the technology world for almost 15 years
  3. A number of complex real-world problems where the only solution is human-computer symbiosis, because automation fails
  4. How Peter Thiel-backed Palantir Technologies built a Java-based human-computer collaboration system that is being used by government agencies, large financial institutions and police departments around the globe


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Craft beer by the cup + beer tasting + local cuisine* starting @ 7:08 PM

Presentation + Q&A @ 7:39 PM


About Palantir:

Palantir builds software that helps save lives, solve crimes, protect civil liberties, prevent disease and curb fraud by allowing organizations to make sense of massive amounts of disparate data.


* Now featuring Free local cuisine: supporting San Jose local restaurants!

At every TechXploration, we will support a San Jose-based restaurant (recommended by you!) for delicious event eats. What is your favorite local restaurant? Post it to the wall!


About Ari Gesher:

  • Senior Engineer, responsible for developing Palantir's platform/operating system
  • Currently working on: Palantir's developer APIs for backend services and the systems engineering that goes into Palantir's servers



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