Cultivating and Managing Stakeholders And Leadership Support

TechLife Columbus
28 Feb-1 Mar 2013 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Columbus, US

When we talk about collaboration, we sometimes forget that collaboration extends beyond the team. At one time or another we have all witnessed a brilliant idea or solution, derailed in an instant by a stakeholder or leader. Most of us at some point have experienced a leader overreacting to anecdotal concerns with a change. And we have all felt the consequences of not involving a key stakeholder early in an effort. And any leader, Product Owner or otherwise, has felt the challenge of facilitating alignment in the face of conflicting priorities and incentives. Active management of stakeholders - sponsors and impacted individuals - is even more critical to being successful in an Agile environment, as we don't fall back on our contracts when things get tough. Join us for a dialogue on ways to better understand, segment, support and monitor your stakeholders to keep your efforts on track.

Speaker: Kathleen L. Smith, AVP Nationwide.
Kathy Smith is Associate Vice President, IT HR. Kathy serves as the primary strategic partner to IT Infrastructure and Operations, Enterprise Applications and IT Workforce Effectiveness (governance team) for workforce planning and staffing, organizational effectiveness and performance management.

Prior to joining Nationwide in November 2005, Kathy was Director of Human Resources at Abbott Laboratories where she worked primarily in strategic business partner roles. She also gained experience as a leader in Workforce Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Acquisition and Marketing.

Kathy has an MBA in Business Administration from The Ohio State University. Kathy was recognized by the Fisher College of Business as the Young Professional of the Year in 2005 for partnership with the executive education program, student groups and professional achievements.

Date: 2/28/13
Time: 5:30-8:00
(Food and Networking 5:30-6:30)
Location: Nationwide,

5100 Rings Road, Dublin, OH

Thank you to Nationwide for sponsoring the Facility

Thank you to Improving Enterprises for sponsoring the food


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