Pitch Demo Day with Job Fair- March

Silicon Valley iPhone iPad Business Meetup
Sat, 16 Mar 2013, 16:00 - 19:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , San Francisco, US

Welcome product for Android, iOS, WP, HTML5, Facebook, Chrome, and Cloud.

  • Pitch: your Start-up to a panel of VCs / Angels (Prior registration is required) and demo your product at world's largest Mobile Entrepreneurs community, in the heart of Silicon Valley!
  • Job Fair Looking for mobile developers? Join this event! We are going to have space for companies who are hiring.

Pitch Demo Day Sponsorship Space- Mar on Eventbrite:

  • Co-founder Pitch: Are you looking for co-founders? Join this event! (Registration not required)

Sponsor: NestGSV


=== Agenda ===

9AM Networking

9:30M Opening & Introduction

9:35AM Opening Remark

9:50AM Startup Pitch

>>> Judge of Panel <<<

Mike Loftus, EIR, Angel's Forum

Patrick Mork, Director of Marketing, Google Play

Benjamin Taran, Associate at Keiretsu Forum

"Rauhmel Fox" Robinson, CEO, WHOmentors.com, Inc.

Li Jiang, NestGSC / GSV

Moderator: David Cao, Founder & Fire Start, SVE


Total 10 minutes for each presentation and Q&A.
- 5 minutes for Presentation
- 5 minutes for Q&A

Note: A judge can extend the presentation time limit by an extra minute


11AM Founder Story

11:10 Panel Discussion with judges

11:50 Co-founder Pitch

12:30 Lunch and Networking

1PM Job Fair



=== Pre-selected Startup List ===


1. Sri Chaganty, CTO & Co-Founder at Appensure Inc

2. Manoj Duggirala, CEO and Co-Founder at Inset

3. Gary Krane, CEO/Chief Love officer, Chief Psychologist, co-founder

4. Richard Bottoms, Founder at AltervilleTV

5. Laurent Martenot, Founder at 50i50

6. Gabriel Bestard-Ribas, CEO at Bielet Inc ? IDK

7. Gioia Pistola, Co-founder & CMO at Simple

8. Myron Lo, CEO & Co-Founder at PriceHub

9. Alessandro Petrucciani, Co-founder& CEO at Klash GmbH

10. John Canfield, Founder & CEO at Nimbler

11. Anant Kale, Founder at Appzen


Contact Links:


==== Details ====

1. Sri Chaganty, CTO & Co-Founder at Appensure Inc

Sri is a seasoned engineering executive and CTO and has delivered solutions in Data Communications and Internet Technologies for the past twenty five years, introducing more than a dozen products into the US, Japanese and European markets. Sri is CTO & Co-Founder of AppEnsure, a next generation applications performance management (APM) company that ensures the performance of any enterprise application; custom, purchased or legacy, running in any environment: physical, datacenter, private & public cloud.  Previously Sri was CEO and Founder of Ceeyes Group of Companies. Sri was Cofounder and CTO of HolonTech Corporation, San Jose. HolonTech introduced Web Switching and other Internet Infrastructure products to worldwide markets. Previously Sri was Director of Software at Data Communications Systems Division of NEC America, Inc. Sri?s previous corporate experience includes engineering & management positions at GTE and Boroughs.

Product Desc:

?Ensuring application performance in virtual and cloud environments.?

Sri holds five patents in the area of high availability and clustering and published many papers. Sri holds a MS degree in Computer Engineering from Drexel University.

AppEnsure delivers an Application Performance Management (APM) solution that works for every Windows or Linux application, irrespective of its source; custom developed or purchased, and irrespective of how it is deployed; physical, virtual, private cloud, or public cloud. AppEnsure automatically identifies the applications, maps their topologies, monitors end-to-end response time and throughput across the entire distributed topology of the application.

The solution delivers automated root cause analysis when application service level degrades, with resolution instructions provided in clear English to Operations. AppEnsure is offered as both an on-premise basis for large enterprises, and on a SaaS basis for cloud deployments.


2. Manoj Duggirala, CEO and Co-Founder at Inset

Bio: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=13802957


Product Desc:

?Mobile Data Personalization?

Inset is a company focued on enhancing mobile user experience through app personalization.The technology is aimed at adapting content, Ux and functionalities of apps and services based on user's unique personality, context and habitual relevancy. Using inset's SDK, apps can be invoked at the right time, apps can add the learning capability to adapt their service to a users unique style.

Inset helps improve engagement in Games, discovery for Service apps like Uber and need and intent capturing for ad networks and predictive search and other additional markets



3. Gary Krane, CEO/Chief Love officer, Chief Psychologist, co-founder

Gary Krane, Ph.D., cofounder and co-CEO of Relationship Technologies (Couplewise.com and StopArguingNow (not yet crowdsourced). Developed successful and original ventures in education, commercial television. and books. Ph.D.,Educational Psychology (UC Berkeley), Ed.M. (Harvard). Author of Simple Fun for Busy People (Conari); producer of many PBS specials, two of which won First Place in the American & National Video and Film Festivals, respectively; creator of TV reality series produced by Disney. (Unique qualified: Blindsided in own marriage)

Product Desc:

For 5min pitch and 2min video demo, go to give.couplewise.com, our medstartr.comcrowdsourcing site.

Couplewise.com is a relationship management and enrichment website that provides a robust set of tools to enable couples, at any stage of their development, at any state of their satisfaction to optimize their relationship. Couplewise.com does this by drawing on: 

? Expert research on long-lasting, happy marriages and committed relationships
? Best practices used by experts to save and revitalize relationships
? The wisdom of other couples, deployed via web 2.0 technology
? Increasing better user interface design to make our tools easy to use

Couplewise.com gives couples highly personalized, innovative, engaging, ongoing interactive tools to enable them to:

? Identify in a non-critical manner the root cause of each partner?s frustration or unhappiness, 
? Take advantage of a treasure chest of easy-to-use, customizable, algorithmically recommended interactive tools, based on the best science and most proven therapeutic practices to address these issues, even if one mate is not highly motivated and MUCH MORE:

Couplewise.com is the next step in the Internet Revolution, advancing from creating large quantities of relationships to providing users with the tools to deepen, strengthen, and sustain their most important relationships.


4. Richard Bottoms, Founder at AltervilleTV

"I have a wide variety of development and design skills on platforms such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. Primary experience as a contract developer delivering skilled fast paced Native Application development & design in concert with web apps using Sencha Touch, Cordova (Phonegap), jQuery and JavaScript.

I am a disabled vet seeking to apply my military background and 16 years experience in tech to create a social network powered media company."

Product Desc:

?Cohort Relationship Marketing?

"My startup AltervilleTV combines cloud based streaming content provided by members of Greek letter organizations. Our digital program guides list (converted) Super 8 Movies & Video of events & sports tied to the organization, while our social networking component helps members stay in touch.

Our revenue model focuses on income from Fraternities, Sororities and other Greek letter social groups who will use our framework to enhance their communication to members as well as their families & friends."

5. Laurent Martenot, Founder at 50i50

MBA graduate, 45 y.o., formerly International Sales Manager for world leading technological manufacturers. Then, founder and CEO of an import-export company for the food industry. Now fully dedicated to launching 50I50 Time, a time-space search engine.

Product Desc:

?Share and discover what's happening around you.?

50i50 lets you share and discover things happening around you.

Data come from the 50i50 members as well as from our search engine that indexes the web through the angle of time-space to show you when and where things are happening.

Beta is live here: www.50i50.org (access code = wassupnow)

6. Gabriel Bestard-Ribas, CEO at Bielet Inc ? IDK

I am originally from Barcelona, Spain and I am on of the first european players to come to the US and play college basketball. My work experience spans from investment banking, business consulting, digital communication and fast moving consumer goods. In my last post at Dannon I grew the digital business from 0 to 30M in 3 years developing a national award winning social CRM program in Spain with over 1M households participating. My passion is to develop innovative products with strong consumer insights.

Product Desc:

?We redefine the concept of locks and keys.?

We have developed a working prototype of our first lock with a world class design, and the mobile application to manage it. We are already in process to start manufacturing.

This video does show the basic features of our lock, but it does not disclose the final look and feel nor key star features:


7. Gioia Pistola, Co-founder & CMO at Simple

Bio: http://it.linkedin.com/in/gioiapistola

Product Desc:

?Atooma is an Android toolkit where users create and share automated tasks on their mobile phone without a nerd degree, and reach the highest customization.?

Imagine your smartphone able to read incoming email automatically while driving, or post on Facebook your pictures when you?re on holiday ? and much more. Atooma is a toolkit where users create and share automated tasks on their mobile phone without a nerd degree, and reach the highest customization.

8. Myron Lo, CEO & Co-Founder at PriceHub

Myron is a bargain shopper at heart, who has never believed that the asking price (of anything) was the final price. After one particular car buying experience that involved an overly aggressive car salesman and a lack of clear car pricing data, creating PriceHub seemed like a natural fit. Myron recently completed the Founder Institute startup incubator program and is devoting all of his efforts to growing PriceHub. Myron previously worked at ZipRealty as the VP of Innovation and has also held marketing and business development roles at QuinStreet, IBM and Andersen Consulting. Myron holds a BS from the University of California, Davis and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Product Desc:

?PriceHub takes the hassle out of buying used cars by giving consumers access to transparent pricing and unbiased research.?

PriceHub is transforming the way people buy and sell used cars through information transparency. We are the only resource that shows consumers what other people really paid for a car ? actual price records, not estimates that our competitors use. We are leading the industry into this new, transparent age and are giving consumers unbiased price and research information that they need to effectively negotiate a fair deal when buying a used car.http://www.pricehub.com

9. Alessandro Petrucciani, Co-founder& CEO at Klash GmbH

I'm an italian entrepreneur who started his own venture a year ago just after finishing school. I had no idea what a startup was and now i still feel i don't know anything. I love jumping in new things and I always try to achieve more and more. After an angel financing round we are coming with kla.sh to the Us to learn, network and spread the verb..

Product Desc:

?Klash is amobile app for fun challenges and dares.?

Klash is a mobile application for fun challenges and dares, you can dare your friends in anything and let your social circle engage in the challenge (or klash as we say). Accept the klash, prove what you did with pictures/videos/animated GIF and most important HAVE FUN. We are not born for boring.

10. John Canfield, Founder & CEO at Nimbler

John is passionate about solving difficult problems and improving people?s lives.  John previously was Senior Director, Global Fraud & Risk Management at eBay where he delivered major reductions in fraud through account security, verification, detection, and business process innovations.  Prior to eBay, he held senior product management and marketing roles for web and VXML products at Zip2 and iHello.  John was a principal software engineer at DEC and a researcher at Toshiba?s lab in Kawasaki, Japan.  He holds a Masters and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, and an MBA from Stanford.

Product Desc:

?Nimbler is a mobile meta-search engine bridging the silos of local transportation choices.?

Nimbler is building meta-search for local transportation.  Just like Kayak and Expedia help travelers find the best trip among many options, Nimbler will help users find the best way to get from A to B among the increasing number of transit, car sharing, limo, taxi, ride sharing, parking, and biking options.

Nimbler SF, our second product, will be released early March.  It gets you from point A to B efficiently whether by BART, Muni, AC Transit, Caltrain, bicycling, walking or combinations of the above.  Nimbler provides full point-to-point routing, real-time updates and advisories together in one app.  Nimbler will make you faster, more efficient, and more flexible in your daily travels in and around the city.

11. Anant Kale, Founder at Appzen

Anant Kale is the founder at Appzen, a startup that provides innovative composite mobile enterprise apps. Anant has deep interest and experience in enterprise apps.

Previously he served as Vice President of Applications at Fujitsu America, where he was responsible for end to end delivery, development and innovation for ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, portals, BI and Mobile applications.Anant has a undergraduate degree in engineering and an MBA for University of Mumbai, India.

Product Desc:

Mobile enterprise apps are supposed to provide employes the needed information at anytime and any place, however todays mobile apps are system centric, that means each mobile app provides information from a single system, may it be an ERP, CRM or any other system. Trying to juggle information between multiple apps on an iPhone is an impossible task and completely defeats the purpose of productivity improvement apps on mobile devices.

Appzen has developed a solution for composite enterprise apps, mobile apps that seamlessly combine transaction capability and information from multiple backend systems like Salesforce.com, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Sharepoint, Box.net and enabled sharing this information through enterprise social networks like Chatter and Yammer. Our solution handles everything from security, authentication, audit, integration and enterprise distribution. We have developed a composite enterprise app for the sales process, and that provides everything that a sales person on a field requires, from marketing material, pricing, product availability, contacts and much more.


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