The Raleigh-Durham Web Design Group June Meetup

The Raleigh-Durham Web Design Group
9-10 Jun 2009 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Morrisville, US

Use this link to find the Panera!!! Correct Map

Next few meetups....

June: Javascript (and JQuery if time permits) We discussed JQuery at length at the last lunch meetup... and noted that the Javascript was a stumbling point. So we'll look closer at how Javascript works at this meetup.

July: Content Management Systems: Grokking Joomla Joomla is a popular PHP-based Web site deployment solution, sometimes referred to (under a very loose definition) as a content management system (CMS). Mitch will moderate, pending his availability or someone else's desire to lead a tutorial. (Volunteers?)

August: Search engine optimization & SEO tools It just feels like it will be time to talk about SEO/SEM again. If anyone else would prefer another topic here please suggest it.

Please consider leading a discussion or presenting in one of the topic areas!


2009 Tentative Agenda

Internet Explorer: Annoyances, Hacks, and Fixes; or "IE Doesn't Play So Friendly".

How & Why to Design for Accessibility

User Interface Tips and Tricks; Accessible Drop-down Menus and Other CSS Designs

The Business of Web Freelancing; business models, pricing, payments

The Business of Web Freelancing: Project Management

The Business of Using Freelancers: qualifying suppliers

Hackers, Crackers, and Stalkers: Securing Your Site

Graphic Design 101

Design vs. Code: Bridging the gaps; or "Switching to the Dark Side"

Web Site Redesign and Renovation: Pitfalls and Best Practice

The whole Shebang: Development and Deployment Strategies; or "Not Taking Stupid Risks" (Change control, Versioning, Syncronization, Redundancy, DB Design Archiving, Backups)

Measuring Web Metrics: Tools and Techniques (Google Analytics, Web Trends, Metrics after site is deployed)

If you have an idea for a topic or wish to speak let me know. I'd be happy to update the agenda.

About the Location

Panera has WiFi access, deep pots of coffee, and plenty of room. Please be polite to the staff and mindful of other customers. We do need to vacate by 9pm so the staff can close up!


The location info has a link to work around problems with Google and Yahoo Maps. The address on the embedded map was tweaked to get the Yahoo link to point to the geographical vicinity.

Mitch made a better map on MapBuilder: Map Builder Map of Panera Bread

- Mitch

2009 Past Meetings: January: Open floor discussion, seo topics February: Keval reviewed his First-Aid site and got feedback from the group on his design. We ended up discussing a little on "How you (should) use CSS" . Thanks Keval! March: Progressive Enhancement: Best Practice for Best Browsing Pepper Oldziey will lead and share on graphical design basics. Come pick up some pointers from an expert ( See ) April: Video on the Web. Dave Curtis of Your Video Team ( moderated the discussion. May: AJAX: How to Get Started. Jeanne Hiesel presented on AJAX to the group. Thanks Jeanne!

2008 Past Meetings: December: What do you want out of the Meetup? January Topic: Favorite Web Editing and Design Tools February: Design Templates as "Silver Bullets": Pros and Cons of Web Design Templates March: Designing with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) April: Search Engine Marketing May: How it Fits: Scripting Languages June: Flash Tools (bad showing!) July: Web architecture overview (bad showing!) August: Videos and Movies on the Web September tickler topic: Search Engine Optimization; also mod_rewrite October: Template Languages: Designing for Content Management Systems and Blogs November: "Web 3.0" ; Social networking and other trends.

2007 Past Meetings: Jan: Site critique; What is "Reasonable Disclosure" for a freelancer? Feb: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) March: Firebug debugger & Firefox extensions (proposed Book swap a non-event) April: Color - Theory, Web Rules of Thumb, Design Resources May: Layout - Space, Composition, Template Design & Idioms June: Fonts - Typesetting jargon, Good Style, Controlling, Tools July: Vector Art - Basic Techniques, Tools, Resources August: Bitmaps - Image Editing, Basic Photo Tips, Tools, Resources September: Human Factors - Interface considerations, Heuristics, Tips October: AJAX & JS Animation & Libraries November: Flash Basics & Tools Dec: Agenda discussion Special Called Meeting for Dec: Markup Northeast - Dinner & organizational discussion

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