June Meetup - Groovy MetaProgramming and GR8

The New York Groovy / Grails Meetup Group
9-10 Jun 2009 (Add to calendar) GMT
New Work City , New York, US
5.0 USD

At our June Meetup, we'll dive into the metaprogramming capabilities of Groovy.

  1. First, Peter Bell, who went to GR8 Conference last month, will give us an overview of what he learned there. Read some great summaries at his blog, http://gettinggroovy.wordpress.com.

  2. After that, Numan Salati will talk about the metaprogramming capabilities of Groovy

He will discuss/analyze the basic dynamic features of Groovy (Expando, Categories, GPath) and more advanced features like Metaprogramming - both runtime (ExpandoMetaClass, method dispatching algorithm, runtime mixins) and compile time like AST Transformations. And talk about where these capabilities are used in the GDK and Grails.

  1. If anybody else has something to talk about relating to metaprogramming, maybe case studies, please let me know, though Numan seems to be planning to cover a lot of it. I've been working on a simple DSL, so I was thinking of sharing that with the group, but others are welcome.

Lastly, if anybody is interesting in helping out with organizing the group, please let me know. Unfortunately, I am soon temporarily (for a year) moving to Minnesota, and while I am planning to be back in New York fairly often, having somebody help out would allow us to make sure our meetings stay regular. So far it hasn't been too bad in terms of time.



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