CTDOTNET Second CodeCamp (FREE but registration required)

Northampton Web Developers/ Web Designers Meetup Group
Sat, 13 Jun 2009, 13:00 - 15:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
340 West Newberry Road , Bloomfield, US

9am-5pm Schedule/Registration/call for speakers: http://ctdotnet.org/codecamp2.aspx List of Speakers and Topics:

Aaron Junod - Developing iPhone & Cocoa apps from a .NET background Aaron Junod - Building Mac apps with Ruby Reddy Kasadani - Creating and Consuming RESTFul Services using WCF and Silverlight Travis Falls - Sharepoint MOSS development with object model Nagraj Naidu - Sharepoint MOSS development with web services Dan Mezick - Scrum 3 Roles, 3 Ceremonies, 3 Artifacts, 3 Best Practices Dan Mezick - Learn Agile & Scrum with AGILE GAMES John Baird - Introduction to Compact Framework Development John Baird - Silverlight/WPF making the shift from Winforms Edwin Ames - Succeeding with Failures (Exception Handling) Stuart James - Interfacing Java and .NET Steve Andrews - Visual Studio 2008 Team System Polina Cherkasova - .NET Troubleshooting in Production Environment Allan Da Costa Pinto - TBA Chris Bowen - TBA Jim O'Neill - Windows 7 is RC (Really Cool) for Developers Senthil Panchatcharam - Building Data Driven Applications using Silverlight 3 Rick Minerich - F# for Testing and Analysis Max Weber - Creating a real website using ASP.NET MVC Mike Gerety - Simplifying your code with LINQ to Objects and LINQ to XML Sunil Kadimdiwan - Cool new features in SQL Server 2008: sparse columns, filtered indexes, hierarchyid, etc.. Steven St.Jean - Introduction to MSBuild RajaSekhar Karumuru - Programming WCF Services RajaSekhar Karumuru - Design Patterns in C# and ASP.Net John Flannery - SQL Column Encryption in SQL 2008 Tinu Joseph Punnoor - Introduction to WPF Programming Dennis Perlot - Best Practices in WPF Development Dennis Perlot - Developing a SQL Server Monitor in WPF Joseph Hill - "What has Mono done for .NET developers lately?" Dave Bush - jQuery – Why You Want It & How to Use it in ASP.NET Dave Bush - SQL for Programmers Aaron Bertrand - SQL Server 2008 Resource Governor Milan Negovan - Professional Client-Side Development with Microsoft AJAX Library and jQuery Leo Wang - Automating .Net Development With Visual Studio 2008 Team System Leo Wang - Better BizTalk Programming: Tips And Tricks Tim Mangan - Designing Application State for a 2012 Virtual World Brian Canzanalla - Intro to NUnit & friends in Visual Studio 2008 Igor Moochnick - Building Fat browser-agnostic GWT Clients for Cloud Distributed systems (Java+.NET) Slava Kokaev - Building BI Driven Web Application with ASP.NET 3.5, Web Parts, SSRS, SSAS, VS 2008

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