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  • Using Flash and Illustrator Together

    14-15 Sep 2011 in Bloomfield, United States

    With each new release, Adobe has been improving the ways you can use each of their products together. This is especially true with Adobe Illustrator and Flash. Cartoonist and Digital Illustrator Kyle Miller will walk you throught the steps of creating art quickly in Illustrator and then how you can finish it by turning that art into an animation in Flash - all without breaking a sweat!

  • Why is this SOAP Packet Dirty?  Coding for Designers

    8-9 Jun 2011 in Bloomfield, United States

    Have you ever talked to a programmer and walked away with your head swimming in buzzword bingo?  Were you left so confused you didn't understand enough to ask for clarification?  Are you looking for a way to clear your brain fog?  If so, then this presentation is for you.  This presentation will cut through the lingo and give you a base understanding of why programmers speak a foreign language and how you can steer them back into normal territory when the conversation starts to slide.

  • Flash Is Getting Better

    11-12 May 2011 in Bloomfield, United States

    Adobe has done it again. Flash Professional CS5 is getting better. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and in order to keep ahead, Adobe is now offering midcycle releases.Say hello to Flash Professional CS5.5.Join us as we explore the updated features of CS5.5. We’ll go over the updates, the new desktop subscriptions, and try to answer any Flash related questions.Also, Kyle Miller will continue his ongoing series about animation.

  • Animating With Flash

    13-14 Apr 2011 in Bloomfield, United States

    Do you want to learn the basics of animating with Flash? If you said yes, this meeting is for you.  We’ll start off with exploring the mysteries of motion tweening, inverse kinematics, and other strangely-named animating techniques. Kyle Miller will then take the floor and share some of his real-world experiences as a cartoonist and game designer. And, as usual we’ll end the meeting with opportunities for people to network and swap business cards.

  • Developing for Android using Flash CS5

    9-10 Mar 2011 in Bloomfield, United States

    There has been a lot of interest lately in developing AIR for Android with Flash Professional CS5. This a great topic for our March meeting. Please join us as we explore how to develop apps for Android devices using Adobe Flash.If you missed our last meeting - you missed a good one. Professional game designer Kyle Miller shared some of his secrets for making games in Flash. You can watch some the highlights in the video on our facebook page.

  • Game Design with Flash

    9-10 Feb 2011 in Bloomfield, United States

    HartfordFlash is starting the new year with special guest speaker Kyle Miller. He’ll be discussing game design with Flash.Kyle Miller's career as a creator of interactive entertainment spans nearly three decades and includes more than 50 published products. He's made games for Hasbro, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Vivendi/Universal and more. He also did the art chores for the syndicated comic strip, Working Daze, for United Media. He even drew Bugs Bunny for a little while.

  • CTDOTNET Second CodeCamp (FREE but registration required)

    Sat, 13 Jun 2009, 13:00 - 15:00 in Bloomfield, United States

    9am-5pmSchedule/Registration/call for speakers: of Speakers and Topics:Aaron Junod - Developing iPhone & Cocoa apps from a .NET backgroundAaron Junod - Building Mac apps with RubyReddy Kasadani - Creating and Consuming RESTFul Services using WCF and SilverlightTravis Falls - Sharepoint MOSS development with object modelNagraj Naidu - Sharepoint MOSS development with web servicesDan Mezick - Scrum 3 Roles, 3 Ceremonies, 3 Artifacts, 3 Best Practices

  • 2nd Hartford CodeCamp

    Sat, 13 Jun 2009, 12:30 - 21:00 in Bloomfield, United States

    CTDOTNET Second CodeCamp - Hartford CT (Saturday June 13th 9AM-5PM)See here for details -http://ctdotnet.org/codecamp2.aspx


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