How do you connect with new people? One more event we cannot miss!

The Paris Business Referral Network
Tue, 25 Aug 2009, 17:15 - 19:15 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Paris, FR

Antonio Meza invites us to come on Tuesday evening to join the series on tools to enhance your physical, emotional, and mental intelligences (PQ + EQ + IQ). In August 23 we explore EQ -- how to connect with new people?

Have you ever met someone new and felt that you're old friends, instantly?

Or been stuck in a situation when no matter what you tried, things just didn't click?

What is the difference? And what can you do to change this? So you have more good connections, whether clients, friends, or dates?

The ability to create connections with others is a key skill. Whether it is linking for business or flirting... you can grow your skills! This Tuesday evening we'll look at what makes things "click" in a new relationship.

There are so many ways connect-- common interests, same goals or values, cultural background, and just plain physical attraction. How do you get on the right wave length? Choose what works best for different situations?

Come and explore with us:

  • How to create new or better links with people you want to know (professionally or personally)

  • How to manage connections with people you must-- - even if you struggle to find common ground!

We'll practice fun and interesting ways to identify to connect with others, and create a bridge between your own culture and experience and theirs.

Share this evening with us and refine your skills to create new relationships!

How this evening works. We gather each week to explore new communication techniques, useful current research findings on how the brain works, and have fun together. Come on time to practice; then we socialize.

Our members are bright, friendly and curious, and we share tea, soup, talk, and explorations. You are welcome to join us!

When? Tuesday August 25th - 19h15

Where? We meet in a private home near metro Nation. Reserve by email or phone and we’ll provide the codes. Please confirm by August 25th by 15h;

Contribution 15€ for the evening. We provide coffee, tea, and soup. Bring your sense of humor!;

Questions? Call Antonio 06 87 18 53 03 or email:

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