Character Design and Basic 3D modeling with Maya and Zbrush

DC Digital Animation Group
Sat, 29 Aug 2009, 18:00 - 20:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
1121 N. 19th Street , Arlington, US

[b]Topic: Character Design and Basic 3D modeling with Maya and Zbrush [/b] [b]***ATTENTION NEW UPDATE This Month's meeting will meet in room 902 on the 9th floor of the Art Institute of Washington. **********[/b]

Part 1: Intro -----15 - 30 Minutes

People can introduce them selves. Talk about Animation and Motion Graphics in the DC Metro Area.

[b] Part 2: 2-D Character Design -----30-45 Minutes[/b]

Philip Jean-Pierre will give a presentation on Character Design

  1. What is Character Design?
  2. Designing from a Brief
  3. Designing for 2D Animation
  4. Designing for 3D Animation/Games
  5. Roughs
  6. Sketches
  7. Final Rendering

[b]You can view some of his works here:[/b]

Part 3: Break 10 minutes

[b] Part 4: Basic 3d modeling with Maya and Z Brush. -----30 - 45 Minutes[/b]

Will Carroll will give a presentation on 3D Modeling

  1. What can be done in Maya?
  2. Box character modeling with Maya
  3. What can be done in ZBrush?
  4. Refine Z Bursh modeling of Character

Here is a preview video about modeling in Zbrush:

You can view some of his works here:

[b]Part 5: Floor open for discussion, networking and planning for the next meetup. Also we usually eat dinner afterward at a local restaurant.[/b]

This is going to be an exciting Meetup! See you all there!

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