Microsoft Across America Launch Event - Developer Track

Tue, 20 Feb 2007, 12:30 - 17:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
The Waldorf Astoria , New York, US

The release of Windows Vista™ and the 2007 Microsoft® Office system ushers in a new age of application platform development. Join us at the developer track, hosted by MSDN Events, as we explore the new capabilities and features that will let you create applications to help users communicate, collaborate, and present information in more powerful ways than ever before.

Session 1.  Office and Vista: Better Together for Developers. Learn about the strength of the Windows Vista and Microsoft Office system platforms and discover the wide array of solutions that can be built for these groundbreaking products. We’ll showcase the key elements of each platform, and what makes them so compelling for solution development. We will also cover the broad tool set that is available across both platforms, allowing you to make the most efficient use of your development time.

Session 2.  Building Differentiated User Experiences with Windows Vista. Windows Vista enables developers to create engaging, visually stunning, and highly differentiated user interfaces that make applications more usable and productive for end-users. You’ll see how you can use managed and native technologies, including Windows® Presentation Foundation, XAML, Direct X 10, Sidebar, and the new Aero interface to create these new experiences.

Session 3.  Building Connected Applications with Windows Vista. Windows Vista provides the most comprehensive platform for building applications that allow users to visualize, share, and act on information. You’ll see the scenarios enabled by Windows Communication Foundation, built in peer-to-peer support, and RSS. We’ll also cover the new integrated search technologies and how they enable new ways of organizing and presenting information.

Session 4.  Connecting and Extending Office 2007 Client Applications. The Office 2007 Client Applications provide a rich foundation for building critical business applications quickly and easily. Learn how the new technologies in the 2007 release give you a head start in solving your organization’s business challenges. We’ll also show how the client applications of the Microsoft Office system can be connected and extended with a minimum of effort for maximum results.

Session 5.  Building key business applications on the Office 2007 Server Platform. The Office 2007 Servers form an exceptional platform for building and extending business applications that make enterprise data more accessible, and business processes more efficient. Discover how the various server technologies work together to help you create a wide variety of enterprise-grade business solutions, all from the same core platform.

Make a full day of it!

The Microsoft Across America Launch Event is a full day event with tracks* for IT pros and executives, small businesses, and partners. Visit the Launch Event home page for more information.

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