Meet the owners of the Trump Network and hear this Life Changing Opportunity

Host: Trump Network-Long Island Core Market Type: Meetings - Business Meeting Network: Global Date: Friday, October 9, 2009 Time: 6:45pm - 8:30pm Location: Uniondale Marriott Street: 101 James Doolittle Blvd City/Town: Uniondale, NY

Phone: 1908-334-7861

DescriptionThe founders of our company are on an 18 city tour to announce the Launch of the Trump Network. New York is at the top of the list! Our company is changing lives and giving those who choose to be in business for themselves the opportunity to create the freedom to achieve all their dreams. This is the last opportunity to meet the founders before The Trump Network goes global; Also come see why Long Island has built one of the fastest growing organizations in the company!

I encourage you to attend this event and see for yourself how the Trump Network can be your pathway to whatever is most important. Perhaps it is being able to spend more time with your family or to create a foundation to help others.

Be my guest at the event. Bring your friends and family. You will never have an opportunity like this in your lifetime again. We have unique products, the Trump Brand and the timing is exceptional. We are poised for popular growth. The event is free. Seating is limited so call or email me directly to reserve your seat now.

If you cannot attend on Long Island, check the list for your city, I can reserve spots for you in any city: Mark your calendar. EAST COAST TOUR: TODD STANWOOD, CEO & CO-FOUNDER October 8th, Thursday – Kingston, New York, 7pm meeting October 9th, Friday – New York City, 7pm meeting , WEST COAST TOUR: LOU DECAPRIO, PRESIDENT AND CO-FOUNDER October 1st, Thursday – Salt Lake, Utah, 7:30pm meeting October 3rd, Saturday – Seattle, Washington, 9am – 3pm meeting October 5th, Monday – San Diego, California, 7pm meeting October 6th, Tuesday – Los Angeles, California, 7pm meeting October 7th, Wednesday – Sacramento, California, 7pm meeting October 8th, Thursday – Denver, Colorado, 7pm meeting SOUTHEAST TOUR: LOU DECAPRIO, PRESIDENT AND CO-FOUNDER October 13th, Tuesday – Washington DC area, 7pm meeting October 14th, Wednesday – Atlanta, Georgia, 7pm meeting October 15th, Thursday – Orlando, Florida, 7pm meeting October 16th, Friday – South Florida: Miami—Fort Lauderdale area, 7pm meeting MIDWEST & SOUTH TOUR: TODD STANWOOD, CEO AND CO-FOUNDER October 12th, Monday – Chicago, Illinois, 7pm meeting October 13th, Tuesday – St. Louis, Missouri, 7pm meeting October 14th, Wednesday – Phoenix, Arizona, 7pm October 15th, Thursday – Dallas, Texas, 7pm meeting Donald Trump has put together an amazing opportunity for everyone. You will learn how to build financial freedom by creating an alternate income stream for you and your family.Your timing could not be better.

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