RDF 2.0 Brainstorming Session

The Washington Semantic Web Meetup
Wed, 17 Feb 2010, 00:00 - 02:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Washington, US

It's now more than 10 years since we have seen the first proposal for the Resource Description Framework (RDF). Though RDF has served us well in many ways it's also time to look at some of its shortcomings and introduce some new features.

We would like to solicit the community for ideas and ask you to share your experience with us to make a strong case for a new or updated RDF recommendation. Such a discussion is typically held in public and implemented in a working group at the W3C.

This is your chance to make your voice heard by the W3C, about a very important part of the future of the Semantic Web.

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