CVINETA User Group Meeting - What you really learned in college

9-10 Feb 2010 (Add to calendar) GMT
8120 Jennings Dr. , Cedar Falls, US

Speaker: Matt Hartleip

Topic: What you actually did learn in college

Topic Summary: This presentation will focus on ways to improve your code-writing abilities and overall quality of code. The primary goal of this session will be how to make better code through the application of techniques and ideas borrowed from other facets of life such as music, art, medicine, etc. I will be using examples and concepts that incorporate XP programming, patterns, and select .NET language features. Primarily this session will be about learning how to maintain and take your programming skills to the next level. If you guys put a name or title to these things it would read something like: "What you actually did learn in college".

Speaker Bio: Over 10 years experience designing and building VB and VB.NET desktop and web applications. Founded OuterNet Solutions, LLC in 2003. Teaching, consulting, and programming as OuterNet Solutions since then. Previous presenter for CRINTETA on VB.NET based software architecture and ideas for implementing field-level security in UI apps.

May, 2001 - BA MIS, University of Northern Iowa Jun, 2001 - MCSD, MCP Certifications Dec, 1996 - BA Professional Music, Berklee College of Music

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